It takes soft skills to solve hard problems.

TeamTools is like having a success coach on every team in your organization.

We help you...


"Why do great people make bad coworkers?"


"No one is paying attention to each other."


"Why am I putting up with people who won't change?"


"How do I get people on mission and on task?"

More Direct, Responsive Communication

30% of an average employee's time is spent communicating. For knowledge workers, the amount can be twice that.

You are already spending money on ways for your employees to communicate. Are you doing anything to improve the actual quality of communication? Simple misunderstandings can result in toxic environments or huge mistakes.

TeamTools is a first-of-it's-kind software platform that helps your people identify and overcome their communication challenges.

DISC Assessments
Workspace Integration
Meeting Intelligence
Development Programs

A Success Coach In Your Inbox

Spend less time laboring over your emails and defusing conflict. Get analysis and advice for communicating with any person in your organization.

Featuring integrations with Outlook, G Suite and more.

TeamTools is simply amazing - it solves problems we didn't even know we had! We've never gotten this level of insight from any other program.

- Jennifer Gem, Acme

Invest in Teamwork

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