TeamTools Skill Workshops

High Performance for all Teams

Help your team become what they are meant to be.

TeamTools offers a variety courses designed to help any group reach the next level of their potential.

Recommended Starting Place:

TeamTools 101a: Soft Skills

Two 3-hour sessions.

$295 per attendee or $5499 for a group up to 30.

Includes one year of access to TeamTools

This is our foundational course, and covers everything you need to know to get started applying TeamTools.

  • Learning about your behavior style
  • Identifying and responding to other styles
  • Managing better meetings
  • Linking individual behaviors to team performance
  • Understanding behavior in digital vs. physical workplaces
  • Applying behavioral intelligence into virtual workspaces

Additional Training

TeamTools 101b: Effective Virtual Teams

Four 3-hour sessions.

$695 per attendee or $8,995 for a group up to 30.

Foundations of Leader Skills

Three full day sessions.

$3995 per person.

Custom Performance Programs

TeamTools can help you develop the perfect long-term performance program based on your team's performance metrics. Reach out and find out more about our available resources.

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