There was a time when work was simple enough for managers to be able to plan, organize, and control all of the work themselves. Managers were given skills to achieve control.

But business has changed. High performing organizations need to wield incredible talent and react quicker than before. To be successful today, managers need to establish extensive bonds of trust.

Leader Skills provides the critical skills necessary for transitioning from control-based management to commitment-based management.

Roles of a Leader


Leaders unleash team energy and enthusiasm by creating a vision that others find inspiring.

Living Example

Leaders serve as role models by walking the talk and demonstrating the behaviors they expect others to exhibit.


Leaders teach others, help them develop their potential, maintain a balance of authority and ensure accountability in those they lead.

Business Analyzer

Leaders understand the big picture and translate changes in the business environment into organizational opportunities.

Barrier Buster

Leaders break down artifical walls, open doors, run interference for the team and challenge the status quo.


Leaders make available the necessary tools, information and resources so that the team can accomplish its goals.

Customer Advocate

Leaders develop and maintain close customer ties, articulate customer needs and balance organizational priorities with customer expectations.

Available Workshops

Foundations of Leader Skills

Three one-day sessions | $3,995 per person

This innovative course equips managers with the skills they need to become commitment-based leaders. Attendees leave this course with three key tools:

Leadership Readiness

What skills are required to become a commitment-based leader? What responsibilities does it come with? Learn about the skills you will need and develop the confidence to use them.

Team Leader Effectiveness

High performing organizations proactively find ways to self-improve. This includes leadership. Learn the methodoloy for gathering feedback and acting on it.

Team Maturity

Teams need to take on more and more responsibilities. Learn about the critical data that determines when teams have reached the maturity needed to take on new tasks.

Leader Skills Complete

In addition to the tools of the Foundations course, the complete sequence touches on all seven roles that leaders need to be prepared for: Leader, Living Example, Coach, Business Analyzer, Barrier Buster, Facilitator, Customer Advocate

This course is designed to complement the standard TeamTools courses.